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A German Shepherd was released from a parked car in Dover after she was left for ‘several hours’


he RSPCA has given advice to a dog owner after a German Shepherd was left in the back of a people carrier for “several hours”.

The dog, who is understood to be named Freya, was discovered in the back of a vehicle on Monday (August 21) in Heathfield Avenue, Dover, after neighbours heard her howling.

Residents claimed the dog was left without food or water in the unlocked car from around 9am and that the owner returned later that evening.

Freya the German Shepherd released from the car

Concerns about the dog’s welfare were posted on Facebook, prompting more than 500 comments and around 10 people to come out of their houses and check on her.

It is claimed food was passed through a small gap in the window and that she was eventually released hours later when it was discovered the car was unlocked.

‘Shaking, barking and howling’

Kelly Shackson, one of the residents who came to the dog’s rescue, said: “Freya did look really healthy but it was just the fact she was left in the car.

“We managed to get her out of the car after seeking advice from the police.

“She was shaking, barking and howling.”

Mrs Shackson said kind neighbours supplied the dog with treats, water and a temporary home until the police and the RSCPA arrived.

“You wouldn’t leave a child in a car for that time – Freya was whimpering and crying it just wasn’t good,” Mrs Shackson added.

“But, I cannot fault the people who helped, Dover came together to help that dog.

“My faith in humanity has been restored.”

Freya was taken in by a neighbour until the RSPCA and the police arrived – but she is now back with her owner.


he police have confirmed they were called to help the RSPCA.

An RSPCA spokesman said: “The RSPCA received a call about a German Shepherd who had been left inside a car for several hours on Monday in Dover.

“Kent Police attended the incident and made sure the dog was released from the vehicle.

“Thankfully the German Shepherd was okay and the owner was very apologetic.”

It was 19 degrees in Dover on Monday, but the RSPCA still advises against leaving dogs in vehicles as “warm temperatures can soar inside cars.”


The spokesman added: “The RSPCA has given advice to the owner on the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars, as even on a day when it is not particularly warm temperatures inside a car can soar.

“Our advice is to never leave a dog in a hot car and in an emergency if you see a dog in distress inside a hot car, call 999.

“As a charity, the RSPCA may not be able to attend quickly enough and, with no powers of entry, we’d need police assistance at such an incident.”

It is understood the dog was handed back to her owner and that the RSPCA did not take her in.



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