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10 Reasons Why German Shepherds Are The Best Dogs


German Shepherds are amazing dogs but they get a bad rap. Because of their large stature, many people instantly become afraid when they encounter dogs of this breed. Even though these dogs have a reputation for being tough, they’re just big softies. Here are just a few reasons of why German Shepherds are a great pet for any home.

1. They’re working dogs.

How many people can say their breed can be used as a police officer? German Shepherds are highly intelligent animals with a strong sense of smell. They can be trained to do a variety of real life jobs.

2. The head tilt.

German Shepherds try their hardest to understand what their owners are trying to say to them. Often times if the dog is confused or trying to understand, it will tilt its head. Not only is it functional to see that your dog is confused, the head tilt is also adorable.

3. They always are ready to go running with you.

Hate running alone? Have no fear, your German Shepherd is here! This breed of dog has lots of energy and would love to go on a run or nice evening stroll with you. Not only is outdoor activity fun for your dog but it is also very beneficial for your dog’s overall health. An added bonus to running with your German Shepherd is no one will mess with you as you run.

4. They’re great guard dogs

German Shepherds are naturally very protective of their families. If anyone even remotely comes near your home, your German Shepherd will let you know quickly.

5. They have no clue they’re big dogs.

It’s going to be really tough to break it to your furry friend that try as they might, they just aren’t very good lap dogs. You might also notice your dog trying to squeeze its very large self into and it just doesn’t usually work out.

6. They are great communicators.

German Shepherds are very good about communicating how they feel. If they want your attention, they will get it. These dogs will bark and moan until they get you to cooperate with their needs.

7. They come in different shades!

German Shepherds are beautiful dogs and have beautiful fur coats. While you may be familiar with the black and brown fur color, this breed has a variety of fur colors. Their fur patterns usually come in shades of sable, black and white.

8. They are loyal animals.

These dogs are loyal to their owners through thick and thin. If your German Shepherd is a family pet, it will treat each family member as its master.

9. They love to play.

Chances are high that you’ll need to take out a second mortgage to keep up with the amount of toys your dog will go through. This breed is playful from their puppy stages through their adult years.

10. They will be your best friend.

Each German Shepherd has its own unique quirks that will fill your days with joy. No matter what you’ve got going on in your life, this breed will always stick by your side.


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