Inicio Internacionales Frida and Titan, the four legged heroes who have saved hundreds mexicans.

Frida and Titan, the four legged heroes who have saved hundreds mexicans.


Like them, several trained dogs are on their way to the disaster area to help rescue more survivors

Frida y Titán México rescatistas


Frida, on the left, and Titan, on the right, are two heroes who have performed several rescue efforts after this new earthquake in Mexico. (Photos: Twitter)

She has the name of a great Mexican painter and he is called as the largest moon of Saturn, but that is the least of it. Frida and Titan are two heroes who help in the rescue work of survivors under the rubble of houses and buildings in Mexico.

When the Mexicans thought that the worst had already happened, a new earthquake surprised them leaving hundreds of dead and chaos in the streets of Morelos – the epicenter – Mexico City and other cities surrounding the event.


It had only been 10 days since the earthquake of 8.2 that rocked southern Mexico, until a new earthquake – of smaller magnitude but greater destruction – surprised the Mexicans Tuesday.

Immediately the solidarity took possession of the Mexican people and-and as happened the previous week- rescuers of two and four legs were present. Dogs like Frida and Titan have become famous for saving several lives thanks to their work.

In social networks like Twitter, both with Eco and Evil – two German shepherds – have become popular. The photos of Frida doing her work and those of Titan along with texts of admiration can be seen next to the hashtag #FuerzaMexico.


-Frida, more than 52 locations-Frida

She is the most famous, she was in Oaxaca helping last week, after the first earthquake. According to Notimex, the six-year-old farmer has rescued more than 52 people. He has participated in the actions of rescue and search of people in the fire that was recorded in the tower of Pemex, also in the landslides of Guatemala and in the earthquake of Ecuador.

It is equipped with a special visor that protects it from smoke and dust particles in order to perform its work. He also wears boots to protect his legs and a harness to be able to ascend or descend.

Both she and Evil and Eco are dogs that are part of the Search and Rescue Team of the Secretary of the Navy.

The three rescued a policeman trapped under the rubble of the Municipal Palace of Juchitán.


One not unlike story is that of Titan, the rescuer dog of the fire company in Silao. According to local municipality officials, Can has located 26 people alive from the debris of buildings collapsed during the earthquake in Mexico City.

The dog next to Mauricio Pantoja – his partner with whom he works in binomial – was in the Mexican capital to participate in the drills commemorating the earthquake of 1985. They ended up working together in a real incident.

Training a rescue dog that works in binomial with a human requires 12 to 14 months, with sessions of two to four hours daily. These dogs work between six and seven years. When they leave, they are donated to the staff.

The Navy in Mexico has 20 of these binomials with different functions.

While, for example, Balu, Erny and Eden detect narcotics; Keyller, Eska and Eros help in the identification of explosives and Lobo and Narc in the guard and protection.

– Rescuers travel free-

After several complaints on Twitter, Aeroméxico was obliged to facilitate the transfer of rescue dogs to disaster areas. Since the airline, prior to this wake-up call, was proceeding under its usual protocols.

Likewise, the Mexican airline pledged to facilitate the transfer of medical brigade luggage for free.





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