Inicio Cotidiano The 21 Most Awkward And Ridiculous Corgi Pictures Ever

The 21 Most Awkward And Ridiculous Corgi Pictures Ever


So we present the twenty one most ridiculous corgi pictures ever:


1. Hey, follow me!

funny corgi


2. Do you like my boots?

funny corgi boots


3. I emptied my spam box…

funny corgi photo spam


4. Corgi on Corgi…

funny corgies play


5. Skateboarding corgi!

fun corgi skate


6. Corgi sunbathing…

beautiful corgi sun


7. Help?

corgi fence


8. How can you resist?

funny corgi butt


9. Now big deal!

cute corgis on dinasaur


10. I think I can, I think I can…wait…these smell like bacon!

funny corgi food


11. They share your love of your favorite foods…

corgi food like


12. I hope you take this as seriously as I do!

funny corgi eyes


13. Are you my Mommy?

look corgi funny


14. I am not pleased by this development…

awesome corgi


15. Do I have something on my face??

corgi snow


16. He always does, doesn’t he?

funny-dumpaday-pictures corgi


17. Wait a bit…

rest corgi


18. You had me at hello…

funny corgi photo


19. Do you see me?

hidden corgi


20. Ice cream!!

corgi and ice cream


21. Sometimes he drinks Coke…

corgi drink funny





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