Inicio Cotidiano 17 Reasons Boxer Dogs Are The Worst Indoor Dog Breeds Of All...

17 Reasons Boxer Dogs Are The Worst Indoor Dog Breeds Of All Time


1. They’re only using you.

cute boxer puppy eyes staring


2. Can’t I be any more clear?

cute white boxer dog pics woman


3. They’re using you to have a roof over their heads.

boxer dog sleep in bed


4. They pretend to be cute…

cute boxer face eyes closeup


5. but really, deep down inside, they’re plotting ways to take over your domain.

cute face of boxer dog photo


6. Look, they’re already taking over.

cute boxer puppies fun amazing


7. I told you!

funny running boxer dog beach


8. Alone time? You’ll never have it.

boxer dogs faces begging


9. Because they’re watching you.

beautiful boxer dog face


10. Your every move…

boxers watching dogs pics


11. They’re fierce…

cute pics white boxer amazing


12. And they totally lack any form of manners.

cute girl sleep boxer dog puppy


13. Wow, embarrassing much?

sleeping boxer dog ginger kitty


14. They block doors…

funny boxer dog eyes door


15. They’re also total posers.

white boxer dog black glasses


16. Sorry, poseurs.

cute boxer dog funny style


17. How evil.

funny boxer surprised face


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